Weekly Class Timetable
(Pre-Booking essential)

Please ensure you book onto a walk that is suitable for your level of fitness and speed.  If you are not sure which walk suits you, please get in touch with me to discuss.

A PARQ Form and an Intro. session must be completed by all walkers prior to walking with Vale Nordic Walking (Link below to PARQ form).


Booking is essential for group walks via whatsapp, text, email or phone call.


8.30am – Adventure Walk (Medium to fast pace 3.5 mph approx., all terrain, longer walk of 5 – 10 miles – there will be challenging terrain, mud, stiles, farm animals and wildlife!!) 


8.30am – Rapid Walk (Pace 4 mph approx., all terrain)

10.00am – Roamer Walk (Pace 3 mph approx., aiming for more level terrain)




8.30am – Rapid Walk (Pace 4mph approx., all terrain)

10.00am – Roamer Walk (Pace 3mph approx., aiming for more level terrain)


8.30am – Rapid Walk (Pace 4mph approx., all terrain)

Introduction Session
Learn to Nordic Walk using the INWA 10 Step Method £15

Learn the Nordic Walking Technique following the 10 step INWA method.

An introductory session must be completed prior to joining a group class, the session lasts approximately 1 hour – please contact me to arrange a session.  

Equipment provided for this session, includes first group walk FOC.

To book please email [email protected] or call me on 07709 939997.

1:1 and Technique Sessions
£25 per hour.

I can provide 1:1 sessions tailored to meet your personal requirements, e.g. returning to exercise after illness, building stamina, wellbeing, weight loss and gaining confidence to exercise.  All taking place in the lovely countryside around us in Oxfordshire.

Focus on your technique in these 1:1, enabling you to get the best out of your walks.  There is a lot to think about as we learn to walk again to get the most out of your fitness session – your nordic walk.

To book please email me on [email protected] or call 07709 939997.

Group Walk Charges

Pay As You Go £7.50 per walk

Walk Card £52 for 8 walks (£6.50 per walk from January 2024)

Introductory Session £15 (per person) includes use of Nordic walking poles.

Technique Session £25 per hour

1:1 Nordic Walk £25 per hour

Terms & Conditions

*24 hour notice of booking cancellation or payment is still required.

*Price increase from 1st January annually.